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New Owners – Same Commitment to Personal Service!

Since 1999 when Paul Hartmann launched Tall Paul’s Tall Mall, he’s worked hard to earn your trust. Current customers Pam and Randy Kirk took the helm of Tall Paul’s in April 2021 with new resources to continue and build on Paul’s legacy. While Paul might be retiring, he’s agreed to stay connected part-time as senior advisor. Paul will carefully guide us as we settle in and is full of even more product ideas to better serve you!

While Tall Paul’s Tall Mall may have new owners, its purpose remains the same. Paul started this store to provide items for taller people to make their lives better, especially quality linens to owners of non-standard bed sizes. As past and current customers of Tall Paul’s, we commit to continue and build on that legacy, delivering personalized customer care for tall people you’ve come to appreciate from Paul.

So please, explore the website. If you have a special need or any questions about a prior order, just call or text to our toll free number 866-350-7886 or send an email to service@tallpaulstallmall.com. We look forward to serving you!!

- Pam and Randy Kirk

A message from our founder about the origin's of Tall Paul's Tall Mall - The Store for Very Tall People

Hello - I am Paul Hartmann, 6'-11" tall, an architect and founder of Tall Paul's. I know what it is like to live in a world where many things do not fit very well for tall people. We have a wide selection of very long beds for tall people as you can see at the right. Our goal is to make very tall people comfortable in an extra long that is actually made for you.

I have designed, adapted, selected, and more importantly tried, every item in the store. If you are tall, or love someone who is, this is the place for you.

Looking for hard-to-find linen? We offer an extensive selection of bed linen in a wide variety of fabrics and sizes. Our linen is hand tailored for each order so you can be assured that the linen you order will fit your bed. Adjustable bed, extra long bed, antique bed, camper or boat - we can fit them all!


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