NEW! Beds & Mattresses
Tall Paul's has a variety of extra long beds, extra long mattresses and extra long sheets to help make sleeping more comfortable for tall people. Put an end to uncomfortable nights of feet hanging off the end, sheets in disarray, partners being pushed out of bed by investing a an extra long bed. We offer a wide range of bed solutions to meet the needs of tall people.

Made to order, Custom sizing is available – call or email us.

  • Phone/text - 866-350-7886
  • Email -

  • All of our extra long beds and mattresses are Made in the USA to your specific requirements.

    Outfit your custom bed with our Extra Long Linens!

    - Extra Long Twin Sheets
    - Extra Long Full Sheets
    - Extra Long Queen Sheets
    - Extra Long Eastern King Sheets
    - Extra Long Mattress Pads


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